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    About Living in the Light: A guide to personal transformation pdf

    Since its publication more than a decade ago, Creative Visualization had helped thousands of people explore and connect with their higher selves and create dynamic changes in their lives. Now Shatki Gawain leads readers on a new journey of spiritual growth and fulfillment in Living In The Light. Using simple, effective exercises, meditations, and affirmations, Shatki Gawain gently shows you the path to getting in touch with your intuition and acting on it. Learning to trust the creativity that flows through the universe, the source of intuition, can transform your life in many ways by: creating new pattern for successful relationships, discovering the energy of the universe within your sexual being, finding the work that you love -- and blurring the line between work and play, nurturing the spiritual power of your children, overcoming the negative thinking that limits your finances, health, and happiness. A clear and practical guide for developing your intuition, Living In The Light shows the way to greater aliveness and creativity and to a transformation of the world around you.

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    Diving into Living in the Light book: A Guide to personal transformation

    Living in the light is all about spiritual growth and fulfillment.

    The book contains a vast variety of practical and extremely useful exercises such as meditation that allows, or rather helps, you get in touch with yourself.

    This allows you to harvest the power of your intuition increasing both your confidence and self-esteem.

    Only after we have fully understood ourselves that we can make a significant and long-lasting impact on your living conditions.

    Learning how and when to trust ourselves and the creativity that comes with it is the most important key in self-development, it is only after we have fully nurtured ourselves that we can influence both our social and work life.

    Living in the Light PDF shows you exactly just how to do it.

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